Snowshoe fondue tour

Management, supervision & organisation, complete equipment, rent for snowshoes, milk can fondue and mulled wine

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    On tour with snow shoes
    Take the opportunity to leave everyday life far behind for some hours. Put on your snowshoes and take a route through an untouched winter landscape. It is still light, but soon the sun will disappear behind the mountains. Enjoy the dreamlike atmosphere of dusk before you lay your tracks in the snow in the light of the torches. At the end after the hike you will enjoy a milk can fondue and mulled wine.
    Location Appenzell Country, entire Switzerland
    Availability Jan - March
    Duration 1 evening, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 15-40 people
    Price starting from 119.00 CHF per person

    the program

    The after-work tour is the ideal offer to experience an impressive nature experience together after a day at the desk and computer. Hike with snowshoes over glittering snow and untouched nature and light up the snow with dancing torchlight.

    After the hike, enjoy a unique milk jug fondue under a starry sky. The mulled wine warms your fingers and cosiness spreads. The snow never glistens brighter, nature is never more beautiful!

    Possible options

    Overnight stay in a hut
    Price by arrangement