Smugglers and border guards

Management, support & organisation, smuggler adventure, radios and complete material, smuggler drink

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    Smuggling with radio, map & compass
    Would you like to become a smuggler in the wild? Does an orienteering game of a very special kind appeal to you? Then the game «Smuggler and Border Guard» is just the right thing for you. At the agreed, naturally top secret meeting point, you and your guests will be welcomed by the guides in smuggler look and introduced to the history of smuggling. Each team will be equipped with smuggler cards, smuggler goods and radios.
    Location Eastern Switzerland, entire Switzerland
    Availability May - Nov
    Duration 1/2 Day, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 15-50 people
    Price starting from CHF 139.00 per person

    the program

    Your task
    Your task is to cross the imaginary border unnoticed by the border guards and find the right way to the smugglers' nest. To do this, you are dependent on cross-team cooperation by means of a radio. Each team has marked the waymarks of the other teams on its own smuggler's map. But no one knows exactly where the destination is.

    On the way to the smuggler's nest
    On the way, you will be asked tricky tasks and questions. The aim is to reach the destination with a small number of radio messages. Creativity, communication skills and team spirit are crucial. At the last waymark you will find a clue to the smuggler's nest. But be careful, there are border guards lurking nearby! Develop a technique that leaves no traces. If you are caught after all, some team tasks from the border guards await you so that you can continue along the path. You will be greeted with a drink in the smuggler's nest.

    Fade out
    On request, a fine 3-course menu of your choice awaits you and your guests. The completed tasks are evaluated and the smuggler's booty is divided fairly. When the head smugglers take their leave there is work to be done in the forest at night you are welcome to remain seated with your smuggler troupe and continue to enjoy the evening.