Scottish Highland Games

Management, supervision & organisation, setting up and dismantling of the infrastructure, tailor-made production of the Scottish Highland Games, award ceremony and winner's prize, aperitifs, BBQ incl. dessert in a natural tent, costumes of the guides.

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    Off to the Swiss Highlands
    At the Scottish Highland Games, the participants in the Appenzell highlands compete in games based on scottish traditions and customs. The main focus is on having fun and not on sporting ambitions.
    After the effort, the Highlanders enjoy their dinner in the Scottish Castle tent. The menu with mixed salad, potato salad, various meat skewers (beef, pork, chicken) and vegetable skewers including the Highland cake complete the Scottish evening.
    Location Eastern Switzerland, entire Switzerland
    Availability May - Nov
    Duration 1/2 Day, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 10-200 people (larger groups on request)
    Price starting from CHF 149.00 per person

    the program

    For over 500 years, the Scots have been competing in a sporting event, the Highland Games. Originally, the games were used to determine the strongest warrior in the clan. Today, Highland Games are peaceful folk festivals for the whole family as well as for companies that want to experience something amusing.


    At the Scottish Games in the Appenzell highlands, you compete in the Scottish style with disciplines such as:  

    ♦ Cabertossing
    ♦ Sheaf Toss
    ♦ Tug of War
    ♦ Golfing
    ♦ Poem Writing
    ♦ Wood Cutting
    ♦ Haggis Catching
    ♦ Gambling

    If desired, the program can be supplemented with a fine whisky tasting (extra charge).