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Management, support & organisation, tailor-made sledge construction with aperitif and fondue fun, material transport and travel flat rate from Teufen AR

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    Build your sledge from the simplest materials.
    Finally leaving the office and going to the mountains. During team-building activities you are given free rein to your creativity and build a sledge from the simplest materials, just like in grandfather's days. After a well-deserved aperitif, the original vehicles will then be tested. Each participant will take home a personally achieved victory as an original builder.
    Location Alp Schwägalp, entire Switzerland
    Availability December - March
    Duration 3-4 hours
    Attendance 15-200 people
    Price starting from CHF 90.00 per person

    the program

    Sledge workshop
    Upon arrival, you and your guests will be greeted by the Säntisträger Seppetoni Rusch. After the introduction to the task ahead, teams of approx. 4-5 people are formed. Each team receives a material package with old skis, roof battens and string. The criteria for the «home-made» sledge: it must offer space for four to five people, be stable and also have a certain aesthetic appeal. Before the sledges are taken out into the terrain, they have to be professionally presented.

    Beim Flugwettbewerb wird sich dann zeigen, welches Team die beste Rakete konzipiert hat! Doch nicht nur die Flugfähigkeit ist entscheidend, sondern auch die Optik und die Präsentation des Teams, um die Design- und Konstruktionswertung zu gewinnen! Nur Kommunikation und Kreativität führen zum Erfolg. Im Team ist jedes Mitglied wichtig, egal ob kreativer Kopf, durchdachter Stratege oder ausdauernder Analytiker.

    Departure, aperitif and fondue party
    After the workshop, the sleds are then tested on the piste. Which team meets all the criteria and which is the fastest? Afterwards, it's back to the construction site and the winning team is crowned. The winner then gets to be the new sledge supplier for the Schwägalp Säntisträger Association. Seppetoni thanks you for your hard work and says goodbye. If you wish, a fine cheese fondue awaits you in the restaurant so that you can continue to enjoy the evening in comfort.

    Possible option
    Fondue fun in the restaurant
    Price by arrangement