Rent Chapiteau 8 x 12m

Construction and dismantling management, rent Chapiteau 8x12m for 1-3 days, material costs

1,815.00 CHF 1815.0 CHF 1,815.00 CHF

1,815.00 CHF

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    The aesthetically beautiful round tents are available in round or oval shape. With their straight walls, they are spacious and very cosy thanks to natural materials.
    This interesting tent with a large amount of space is ideal for celebrations, courses, seminars and parties of all kinds. The possibility of removing the walls makes the use of the tent very versatile. If desired, an open or semi-open airy covered space can be created, which can be closed within a few minutes in case of a change in the weather.
    It is a tent that is ideal for larger groups of people and has a lot of charm due to natural materials. It is a good and inexpensive alternative to festival halls of all kinds.