Old Town crime thriller


Management, support & organisation, tailor-made production of the Old Town thriller, roll descriptions and hints on case solutions, aperitifs, simple 3-course dinner, award ceremony and winner prizes

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145.00 CHF

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    Unmask Gianni Milanese's murderer
    Gianni Milanese, well-known stone sculptor and artist, was found lifeless on a bench by a jogger yesterday morning at 8:00 am. The exact cause of death is not yet clear, but it is assumed that he was poisoned.
    Inspector Guebeli is now dependent on help in the investigation. Who of the people present had a motive?

    Travel allowance from Teufen/Bern:
    St.Gallen - CHF 0.00
    Zurich - CHF 270.00
    Lucerne - CHF 450.00
    Bern - CHF 0.00
    Basel - CHF 200.00
    Location Eastern Switzerland, whole Switzerland
    Availability whole year
    Duration 1 evening, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 15-80 People (larger groups on request)
    Price starting from 145.00 CHF per person

    the program

    The main suspects
    You will be greeted by Inspector Gübeli at the agreed meeting point. During the aperitif, he will tell you all the details known so far about the murder case. Eight of your guests have been given a role a week before the murder mystery dinner. They are dressed in appropriate outfits and now reveal themselves as the main suspects. Which of them is the murderer? Until Inspector Gübeli interrogates the suspects at the murder mystery evening, they must maintain absolute silence.

    Resolution and dinner
    After the aperitif, the inspector will take you to a nice restaurant where you will be treated to a three-course dinner (selected in advance). Between the starter and the main course, the murderer must be unmasked. Gübeli unpacks his final clues and you and your guests ask the eight suspects clever questions. After dessert, all the guests write down their suspicions. It now turns out whether you have caught the right murderer. The detective solves the murder case using logical reasoning and the real murderer is unmasked. All investigators and suspects are duly honored and the detective takes his leave, while you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing end to the murder mystery dinner.