Murder on the train

Management, supervision & organisation, tailor-made production of the thriller on the train, train journey Gossau-Appenzell-Gossau, role descriptions and hints for case solutions, 3-course dinner, award ceremony and prizes

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185.00 CHF

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    During the train ride a terrible murder takes place. Help inspector Häberli to solve the case.
    We from the Appenzeller Bahnen cordially invite you to our opening celebration of the «Appenzeller Express» on the new Gossau-Appenzell railway line. Especially for this occasion we have invited the famous singer and songwriter Andi Amo, who will inaugurate the new bistro car and line for you. The panoramic journey will take you to the beautiful Appenzell Country – of course, nobody knows until then what a dramatic turn the journey will take ...
    Location Gossau - Appenzell - Gossau
    Availability entire year
    Duration 1 evening, 5-6 hours
    Attendance 20-40 People
    Price starting from 185.00 CHF per person

    the program

     17:00 hrs
    Meeting point at platform 11 in Gossau

    17:15 hrs
    Welcoming the guests during a small drinks aperitif

    17:51 hrs
    Opening drive with appetiser: Murderously good Appenzeller Plättli with chopped bread

    18:30 hrs
    Arrival in Appenzell. Short walk to the restaurant for an Appenzell drink.

    19:30 hrs
    Dinner on the train in Appenzell: Deathly pale cream goulash (veal) with suspiciously tasty spaetzli and poison-green courgette vegetables. Vegetarian: merciless mushroom ragout, side dishes identical

    21:00 hrs
    Return journey with dessert: solidified burnt Appenzeller crème  

    21:37 hrs
    Arrival at platform 11 in Gossau

    22:00 hrs
    The inspector thanks those present and says goodbye to the guests