Appezöller Alpolümpics

Management, supervision & organization, Alpolümpiade with award ceremony, BBQ and dessert, complete material

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145.00 CHF

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    Welcome to the Alpolümpics
    Your Appenzell excursion begins at the desired event location. Here you can expect rustic alpine games with tasks relating to farming, customs and life on the alp. Afterwards you will enjoy a delicious BBQ.
    Location entire Switzerland
    Availability March - Nov
    Duration 1 evening, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 15-200 people (larger groups on request)
    Price starting from 145.00 CHF per person

    this is what awaits you

    They practise in six of the following disciplines:

    ♦ Cow milking
    ♦ Landsgemeinde parcour
    ♦ Appenzell Hornussen
    ♦ Farmer's skittles
    ♦ Throwing rubber boots
    ♦ Pushing stones
    ♦ Appenzell question time
    ♦ Cheese guessing
    ♦ Valley swinging

    The selection process for young talent on the alp is both funny and challenging.

    Eating in a restaurant

    On request, we can also make a reservation at a nearby restaurant (instead of BBQ). We will be happy to check the prices and menus for you.