Appenzell Crime Thriller

Management, supervision & organization, tailor-made production of the Appenzell crime thriller, role descriptions and hints for solving the case, tasting and introduction to brewery or distillery, simple 3-course dinner, award ceremony and winner prizes, travel allowance from Teufen AR

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145.00 CHF

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    Unmask the murderer of Beat Blumenstock.
    Appenzeller Zeitung: «Yesterday morning, real estate entrepreneur and brewery owner Beat Blumenstock was fatally injured in a hunting accident in the Forstseeli Forest. No further details are known at this time.» Unfortunately, the police can no longer assume that it was a hunting accident – forensics have now made it clear: Beat Blumenstock was murdered in cold blood. But who in the group is the culprit?
    Location Appenzell Country
    Availability whole year
    Duration 1 evening, 4-5 hours
    Attendance 10-80 people (larger groups on request)
    Price starting from 145.00 CHF per person

    the program

    The main suspects
    8 people from your team are given a mystery role in advance and prepare for the dinner. This includes the right setting as well as the appropriate outfit. Silence about the role is an absolute must. Suspense from the beginning to the end.

    Suspense from the beginning to the end
    Inspector Hersche opens the murder case at the aperitif and asks the main suspects to introduce themselves. Hersche challenges those present to unmask the murderer. Those present ask intelligent questions and skilfully defend their own alibi. The investigation takes its course during the dinner. Inspector Hersche supports the uncovering of the murder case in his own interest, because otherwise he will lose his case to the criminal headquarters. After dessert, all those present give their suspicions and the commissioner solves the murder case by logical reasoning. The true murderer now comes to light. An exciting evening with surprising twists, tricky statements and humorous moments awaits you.

    Possible options 

    A popular gift
    Stuffed Sennenfetzen (Appenzeller scarf filled with an Appenzeller Bärli Biber or Alpenbitter 2c): Surcharge CHF 10.00/person

    Only crime dinner
    Offer without brewery tour and tasting: reduction of CHF 8.00/person

    Just crime thriller without anything
    Thriller without food & guided tour: CHF 79.00/person